Complete Guide to Social Bookmarking Sites for Link Building


Social Bookmarking is the easiest and the fast way to get backlinks for your site. Just you need to open the Social Bookmarking site, create an account and submit your links to that site. Few Social Bookmarking sites can also have profile links, need to edit your profile and add your site link.

Social Bookmarking is the best way to promote your site, once you actively involved in Social Bookmarking sites it is easy to know your brand for most of the users. As many users spent more time on Social Bookmarking sites, so it is not only getting backlinks it also drives traffic to your site and increases your Alexa ranking.

This is the best and the most off page optimization technique for webmasters to follow. It also improves your search presence in search engines as most of the Social Bookmarking sites have higher page rank and domain authority

Following are high Page Rank and Domain authority Social Bookmarking sites.


Social Bookmarking Sites Domain Authority 100 99 98 83 95 94 88 86 85 75 84 92 80 76 59 69 59 52 43 43 38 37 61 47 45 41 40 38 29 23 23 49 37 25 25 22 22

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